I hadn’t been to a privately owned auto repair shop in many years. Once I bought my car in 2007 I would simply take it for routine maintenance to the dealer I bought it from. Because the dealership gave me a report that didn’t make any sense, did not give me customer service and was trying to take advantage of me, I found myself looking for a second opinion. Enter More Joy.

Let’s start with Gasper. He was friendly, knowledgable, and really good at communicating with me both in answering my questions, explaining things to me, and offering me additional information. He was my initial contact and my point person along the way.

The shop itself is small and busy. With that said, they are men of their word. They get the work done, in the time frame they say, and manage to have the car ready and washed.

The work was done well, they saved my parts upon my request and showed me what was taken out. They also warrantee their work. AWESOME!

Lastly, because my particular service required the resetting of my computer system, my power window buttons weren’t working when I picked it up. I immediately called Gasper and he kindly (like with a  calm smile in his voice) told me to come on back and they would take a look. What is this magic world?! I turned right back around and was greeted multiple times by the various mechanics and it was reset in less than 5 minutes. The tech who did the reset, even apologized to me.

The whole team is on point there and, they offer a AAA discount.

Bottom line: Great work, friendly staff, trustworthy, good prices.

Thanks More Joy!

Teemaree ..
Los Angeles, CA

Need a SMOG repair? These are your guys. I was selling a used car. It did not pass the SMOG check and the diagnosis was I needed a hose assembly. Gasper got the part, they made the repair and the car was done early. AND, they did a follow-up SMOG Test at less than those Test Only places. Saved me time and money!

I was a regular here when the corner was owned by Fitzpatrick. Back then I was confident that my car was being repaired like the mechanic was driving it home and he was spending his own money. While there are new names and faces here, thankfully the ethic remains solid as ever at this place.

Rick K.
Santa Monica, CA

I didn’t have a car until I finally got my license at 33 years old. I don’t know anything about car maintenance and pretty much just tell my husband when something is wrong, and then he takes it in. We used to go to a family friend of his until we found out he retired without telling us.

We just carried along, mechanic-less until my car started to overheat with the heater on, within minutes of driving in 9/2014. That was fun, especially with two kids in the car! My husband remembered a parent at the school where he taught had an auto body shop, and we had the car towed to More Joy! They are very communicative and always let you know where they are on your car, they keep you up to date on the goings on, and will always check with you before they do anything, which is awesome. That time my car was worked on and done within a day or two. It was outstanding. Cut to last week when my car was overheating again, and I drove it to More Joy. First, they remembered that my car had been brought in for the same issue the last time, and promised they’d make it good if it was anything related to that repair. Second, they called us after hours to let us know what the issue was- my radiator needed to be replaced, and they were also going to change the thermostat and hoses since it’s an old car (1999 Acura TL) and goodness knows when it was last replaced (obviously not the original owner, ha).

They mentioned that with the way the car is, how little I drive it after comparing the mileage from the last time I bought it in, that I’ll be able to get at least another 30k miles on the car before worrying about getting a new one. Another plus, despite saying they open at 8am, I was dropped off at 7:30am and they were there and ready to get me my car so I could drive to work, which was HUGE. I got to work early thanks to their kindness.

These guys are great, do great work, and are really kind and know their cars!

Amber F.
Los Angeles, CA

This auto shop just gained a customer last week. I cannot express how grateful I am for their honest and top notch service that saved me over $1.3k.  A couple weeks ago I was experiencing car trouble and brought my car to the local dealership.  They quoted me am astronomical amount, so deciding to get a second opinion before proceeding, I brought my car to More Joy.  More Joy came highly recommended to me by a friend.  When I brought it here Gasper took a look at my car and promptly fixed it on the spot!! No charge!!! My car is back to its typical self and running like a dream.  I am forever grateful for their honesty, kindness and good service. I will definitely be back in the future.  Thank you Gasper & More Joy!!

Sally J.
Los Angeles, CA